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At McGowin Tax, we specialize in delivering expert tax services tailored for the unique needs of expatriates and small businesses. With a deep understanding of the complexities faced by individuals living abroad and businesses navigating the global market, we offer personalized solutions to ensure seamless tax compliance and optimization. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and support, helping expats and small businesses thrive in their respective international endeavors.

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Tax Advisory for Multinational Businesses

Whether you're an Amazon trailblazer, a multinational pioneer, or an export enthusiast, our expert tax guidance is your secret weapon.

Navigate Global Tax with Confidence

E-commerce Tax Expertise for Amazon Entrepreneurs

Unlocking Your Potential in the Global Market

Navigate Global Tax with Confidence

Local Country Tax Coordination

Seamlessly Harmonize Your Global Tax Strategy

Transfer Pricing

Optimizing Your International Transactions for Tax Efficiency

Whether you live abroad and are looking to start a business or you have a US business that is considering expanding abroad, there are a variety of US tax compliance considerations you need to take into account. It is also critical that you structure your business in way that does not unnecessarily complicate your tax filings or cost you more in taxes. This is where our advisors come in. We have the experience to guide you on the tax side so that you can focus on your business.

International tax forms for Multinational Businesses

Form 5471

Mastering Controlled Foreign Corporations Reporting

Form 926

Facilitating Transfers to Foreign Corporations

Form 8865

Navigating Foreign Partnerships

Form 8858

Simplifying Reporting for Foreign Disregarded Entities

Navigating Global Taxation with Expert Precision

McGowin Tax is a dedicated CPA firm with a singular focus on International Taxation. Our team at McGowin Tax is equipped with the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to offer the advantages of international tax expertise, without the need for you to develop this niche skill set internally.

We have a proven track record of assisting firms with a diverse range of clients, from U.S. citizens working overseas to companies expanding internationally, and foreign investors in the U.S.

  • International Tax ComplianceWe ensure multinational Businesses navigate international tax compliance seamlessly, addressing U.S. and global tax obligations with precision.
  • Tax Strategy and StructuringOur strategic planning focuses on creating tax-efficient structures, optimizing global operations while minimizing tax burdens.
  • Transfer PricingMcGowin Tax develops and defends transfer pricing policies that meet international standards, ensuring your business remains compliant and competitive.
  • Inbound and Outbound Tax ServicesWe provide expert tax guidance for foreign corporations in the U.S. and assist U.S. corporations with the tax intricacies of international business.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Tax PlanningNavigate the tax landscape of mergers and acquisitions with our expert planning, ensuring optimal tax outcomes for your corporate transitions.

Let McGowin Tax be your guide in the complex world of expat taxation.

Navigate the intricacies of corporate tax planning with McGowin Tax, where we blend expertise with strategic foresight.Our corporate tax planning services are tailored to meet the unique demands of your business in a rapidly evolving global tax environment. We focus on delivering solutions that not only ensure compliance but also drive fiscal efficiency and growth. Partner with us for a forward-thinking approach that aligns your corporate tax strategies with your business objectives, paving the way for a prosperous financial future.

  • Strategic Tax Planning for Businesses

    Our approach to strategic tax planning is long-term and holistic, aiming to maximize efficiency and minimize liabilities for your business.

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  • Individual Executive Tax Planning

    We offer personalized tax planning for corporate executives, focusing on individual tax optimization related to compensation, benefits, and equity options.

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  • Research and Development Tax Credits

    Identify and maximize R&D tax credits for your innovative activities, enhancing your business's growth and financial health.

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  • Tax Implications of Business Decisions

    We provide in-depth analysis of the tax impacts of your major business decisions, offering proactive strategies to manage and mitigate associated tax risks.

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Other Projects?

Our range of services extends beyond those outlined. Confronting complex or challenging tax scenarios is our forte. Should you encounter any US tax issues, McGowin Tax stands ready to assist. And in the rare instance where your needs fall outside our expertise, we're committed to guiding you towards the right solution.

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