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Stop turning away clients who've crossed borders.

If you're encountering challenges in meeting the international needs of your clients, we're eager to explore partnership opportunities. Our collaboration can range from a simple review of international reporting forms to comprehensive client consultations. Our aim is to create mutual benefits, enabling you to enhance your service offerings for clients with international operations and, in turn, grow your practice.

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Expert International Tax Partnership for CPA Firms

As the world continues to get smaller, it is rare that an accounting firm does not have some level of international clientele. Hiring and training an international tax team in house is not always the most effective way to service these clients. This is particularly true for small to mid-size CPA firms who are not intentionally marketing to international clients and have these types of issues come up only intermittently.

  • Bridging the Gap of International Tax Expertise

    McGowin Tax was founded with a mission to fill the expertise gap in CPA firms. We understand that international taxation is a niche skill often missing in-house. As your dedicated partner, we mitigate risk and enhance your capabilities, allowing you to confidently handle complex tax situations without the need for internal specialization.

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    • Foundational Expertise

      Originally established to supplement CPA firms lacking international tax skills.

    • Risk Mitigation

      Specialized in reducing potential penalties and errors in complex tax scenarios.

    • Extended Team

      Act as an integral part of your team, providing the expertise you need, when you need it.

  • A Spectrum of Specialized Tax Services

    Our team at McGowin Tax boasts a diverse set of niche skills in international taxation. From intricate expat tax filings to complex corporate international tax structures, our wide-ranging expertise ensures comprehensive solutions for every unique challenge your clients may face.

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    • Versatile Tax Knowledge

      Expertise across a broad range of international tax areas.

    • Tailored Solutions

      Customized approaches for diverse and specific tax scenarios.

    • In-Depth Skill Set

      Proficient in handling specialized tax issues that go beyond standard practice.

  • Enhancing Client Satisfaction Through Expert Partnership

    At McGowin Tax, our focus is not just on solving tax problems but also on enhancing your client relationships. By partnering with us, your firm can deliver exceptional service and satisfaction, ensuring your clients' international tax needs are met with the highest standard of care and professionalism.

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    • Client Trust

      Build and maintain trust with your clients through expert-backed services.

    • Service Excellence

      Elevate your client service levels with our comprehensive tax support.

    • Client Retention

      Increase client loyalty by meeting their international tax needs effectively and efficiently.

Collaborate, Grow & Excel

Empowering Partnerships with McGowin Tax

At McGowin Tax, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared expertise.

Our partnership models are designed to cater to a variety of needs, whether you're looking to extend your services, refer clients, or enhance your team's skills. Each partnership opportunity with McGowin Tax is a step towards growth, excellence, and expanded capabilities in the realm of international taxation.

  • Service Expansion with Whitelabel Partnership
    Expand your firm's offerings effortlessly with our Whitelabel Partnership. McGowin Tax seamlessly integrates with your team, handling assignments with the same dedication and quality you would provide. This model allows your agency to offer specialized international tax services under your brand, enhancing your portfolio without the overhead of developing in-house expertise.
  • Grow Through Strategic Referral PartnershipsBuild mutual success with McGowin Tax's Referral Partnership. Ideal for firms encountering clients with specialized international tax needs, this model allows you to refer them to us with confidence. In return, enjoy the benefits of a trusted partnership that enriches your client relationships and expands your network.
  • Firm-Wide TrainingLeverage Alex McGowin's passion and expertise in teaching to elevate your firm’s capabilities. Our Firm-Wide Training program offers custom courses, from practical form-filling sessions to high-level treaty consulting. Alex's tailored training empowers your staff with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in international taxation, transforming it into a valuable service line for your business.

Other Projects?

Our range of services extends beyond those outlined. Confronting complex or challenging tax scenarios is our forte. Should you encounter any US tax issues, McGowin Tax stands ready to assist. And in the rare instance where your needs fall outside our expertise, we're committed to guiding you towards the right solution.

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